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Alistair Overeem ripped and ready to fight Ben Rothwell

Recently there has been talk that Alistair Overeem has shrunk and lost a lot of muscle mass. There has even been speculation that Overeem may possibly drop to 205lb to fight in the light heavyweight division again in the future, however ‘The Reem’ laid that rumor to rest in a recent interview where he stated that he has no intention of dropping to 205lb and that it no longer possible for him to drop to that weight.

Check out the Instagram photo Overeem shared looking ripped at 250lb and ready for his upcoming UFC Fight Night 50 battle against Ben Rothwell.

Alistair Overeem 250lbs


Dudi Sela post-match hug with Ivo Karlovic

Ivo Karlovic the tallest guy on the ATP tour at 6’11″ towers over many professional tennis players. In his match against 5’9″ Dudi Sela we saw the mismatch in heights. Sela stood on a chair just so he could be eye-to-eye for his post-match hug with Karlovic.

Arnaud Demare stops into fan caravan to use toilet

French rider Arnaud Demare was racing in Stage 14 of the Tour de France when he saw the open door of a spectators caravan and decided to invite himself in to use the toilet. The owner of the caravan (RV) politely obliged and welcomed Demare in for a toilet break. Let’s hope that Demare had the courtesy remember to flush the toilet afterwards and wash his hands.


Ronda Rousey broken thumb

Ronda Rousey broken thumb

Ronda Rousey somehow managed to break her thumb during her 16-second bashing of Alexis Davis at UFC 175, but as shown in this photo she is in high spirits. If you are wondering why Rousey is holding a Vegeta toy it’s because she has a huge cartoon crush as she explains in this short video clip


Miles Plumlee blocks Jabari Parker Dunk

Milwaukee Bucks rookie Jabari Parker thought that he could dunk on Miles Plumlee during a Summer League game, but Plumlee responds with this big ‘NO NO not in my house’ two-handed block. Our man Plumlee sending a clear message that weak stuff ain’t going to be tolerated when he’s guarding the rim.


Vincenzo Nibali denied kisses from podium girl

Vincenzo Nibali got himself into the yellow jersey with a victory of stage 2 of this years Tour de France. Watch Nibali get denied as he leans in for the celebratory kiss on the cheek with the second podium girl. Could it have been that she was frightened off by Nibali’s camel toe?


BJ Penn retires from MMA

BJ Penn during his post-fight press conference admits that he shouldn’t have come back and that he no longer has what it takes to compete against high level guys. It was heartbreaking for fans to watch the former UFC welterweight and lightweight champion get beaten badly by Frankie Edgar who won all three fights in their trilogy.


David Beckham looking sophisticated at Wimbledon

David Beckham sported the sophisticated gentleman look during his day out with his mother to watch Wimbledon tennis match between Rafael Nadal and Mikhail Kuskushkin. Becks was sporting a new facial hair look and even though many have commented on his greying beard, the 39 year old was looking damn suave. This fashion icon is likely to give courage to greying men around the globe to proudly display their salt and pepper beards.

David Beckham beard wimbledon

David Beckham beard wimbledon 2

David Beckham beard wimbledon 3

Grizzlies owner Robert Pera can dunk

Grizzlies owner Robert Pera posted this video on his Instagram account of himself throwing down a two handed dunk. The 36 year old self made billionaire is probably the only NBA owner other than Michael Jordan that can dunk.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s haircut for World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo World Cup hair

To most World Cup spectators the new Cristiano Ronaldo fancy haircut with a zig-zag pattern shaved in the side of his head is something that football stars do to get attention. However there is a deeper meaning to the haircut and is said to be a tribute to Erik Ortiz Cruz a 10-month-old fan who suffers from a brain disorder.