Cristiano Ronaldo wishes he was taller

Cristiano Ronaldo wishes he was taller even though he stands 6’1″. In the Real Madrid pre-match team photo in their UEFA Super Cup clash with Sevilla, the football superstar was discovered to be on his tip toes to give himself a bit of a boost in height.

Cristiano Ronaldo UEFA Super Cup

Looking at other team photos it can be seen that CR7 is really competitive when it comes to looking taller than his teammates.

Cristiano Ronaldo looking taller

Cristiano Ronaldo on tip toes



War Machine aka Jon Koppenhaver mugshot

Here is the mugshot of MMA fighter War Machine aka Jonathan Koppenhaver who was arrested on suspicion of beating his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack.

War Machine mugshot

Paulie G posted on Youtube a video counting the curse words in a short clip where War Machine tells a story of himself misbehaving in a gym. War Machine is totally obnoxious and the way he talks backs up the public opinion that he is a total douchebag.




Peyton and Eli Manning Fantasy Football rap video for DirecTV

Many sport stars have attempted to be rappers, the list is long and includes Serena Williams, Clint Dempsey, Steve Francis, Roy Jones Jr., John Cena, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Allen Iverson. Quarterback brothers Peyton and Eli Manning get their rap on for DirecTV to promote a fantasy football channel and it’s all in good fun.


LeBron James loses weight on his no-carb diet

LeBron James has reportedly cut carbs from his diet to cut weight and we can see the results here in a recent Instagram photo. James is turning 30 in December and it seems that he is following suit of Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan who were able to prolong their careers by streamlining themselves.

Derrick Rose displays his vertical leap

Derrick Rose displays his vertical leap in this dunk attempt during warm-up with Team USA. In this clip we can his head is nearly rim height and keep in mind that Rose is only 6’2″-6’3″. Here’s a tip for the Chicago Bulls, whenever they need to pump Rose up then it’s time to put on the Carly Rae Jepson music.


Alistair Overeem ripped and ready to fight Ben Rothwell

Recently there has been talk that Alistair Overeem has shrunk and lost a lot of muscle mass. There has even been speculation that Overeem may possibly drop to 205lb to fight in the light heavyweight division again in the future, however ‘The Reem’ laid that rumor to rest in a recent interview where he stated that he has no intention of dropping to 205lb and that it no longer possible for him to drop to that weight.

Check out the Instagram photo Overeem shared looking ripped at 250lb and ready for his upcoming UFC Fight Night 50 battle against Ben Rothwell.

Alistair Overeem 250lbs


Dudi Sela post-match hug with Ivo Karlovic

Ivo Karlovic the tallest guy on the ATP tour at 6’11″ towers over many professional tennis players. In his match against 5’9″ Dudi Sela we saw the mismatch in heights. Sela stood on a chair just so he could be eye-to-eye for his post-match hug with Karlovic.

Arnaud Demare stops into fan caravan to use toilet

French rider Arnaud Demare was racing in Stage 14 of the Tour de France when he saw the open door of a spectators caravan and decided to invite himself in to use the toilet. The owner of the caravan (RV) politely obliged and welcomed Demare in for a toilet break. Let’s hope that Demare had the courtesy remember to flush the toilet afterwards and wash his hands.